My mojo is still on a walk about somewhere. At least my sex drive is back. Four sessions this week plus a fix it myself session too. So 5 in all.

I’m eating again which means my weight is on the way up.

My telco refund finally came through today. Note to self better to go to their retail shop than spend hours on the phone with the call centre as they can’t understand me with my Aussie accent since they all have either an Indian or an American accent.

Our subdivision has gone through. Will have to sign and take it to the lawyers on Monday so we can apply for separate titles. Then I can get the lease done next.

My mezzanine is finally getting fixed. Had to ring around to find the right mob. The big mobs are too busy as they subcontract for the builders. In the end I rang up a supplier which in turn gave me the name of an installer. He was really good. He gave me a quote over the phone and will come one day next week to install.

The beach house hasn’t been doing very well. Not much interest in it. Hubby reckons there might be more interest once the VCE or year 12 exams are over.

Today have asked the kids to start doing their own laundry. I’m starting to off load stuff so that when I do move out it’s not going to be a big shock to their system. They are old enough 15,20 and 22.

In all not a very productive day.

Tomorrow I’m off to more inspections. I’ll have to pop by the Museum and Federation Square to do some homework. We are researching for part of the course.

Then at night I’ve got an anniversary to go to with the family.

Sunday I’ll be at work. I’m behind again.

Mr Boardie is busy this Sunday. He’s off to see the Grand Prix.