I bawled my eyes out last night. Woke up in the middle of the night. Somehow caught my sister in NYC on messenger.

We chatted. She’s going to Skype with my parents soon to find out what their plans are.

She told me she can help them next year if they want as her company shares can be sold next year.

Anyhow, she’s dad’s favourite so hopefully they will listen to her.

Today is another day. I’ve managed to source some hamper for everyone. They all have their own hamper now and will have to wash their own clothes.

I’ve emailed the realestate agent to put our rental on the market.

Another email went to the lawyer to draw me up a basic lease.

I’m leasing my premise to him for 70K a year. With increases according to CPI or market rent which ever is higher.

With lease term of 5 years and 4 options of 5 years.

He will be able to buy it off me if I ever sell.

I also made it clear that we are heading down the divorce route and we need advices as to how to go about settling our finances.

So much to untangle.