The market has come back. I mean there’s more stock now after the holidays’ lull.,+vic+3207/list-1?includeSurrounding=false&misc=ex-under-contract

I’m heading to Port this morning to have a look at them. Fingers crossed one of them suits.

The listed price are way over. I’m hoping to drag them down as the market has dropped a bit.

The 600-660K one was originally listed for 682.5K. I told the agent it’s only worth 600-620K. Considering a 5th floor one in the same complex had two bathrooms and bay view went for 622.5K

The only bargaining tool I’ve got is that we’ve sold and I can settle in 30 days. The banks have been a nightmare to deal with over here thus no one could get loans.

All transactions are subject to finance and if it falls through that is it.

I’m crossing my legs and toes and fingers and whatever else.