A friend has been very attentive to me lately. He used to be a FWB and somehow have managed to slip into the friend zone. He’s recently come out of a long term relationship.

The thing is I don’t find him attractive as he’s always got his foot stuck in his mouth. The things that comes out of his mouth just turns me right off.

Thus I only go on walks with him and well if we ever end up at his place it’s more for me to use his rest room and then I tend to bolt out of there.

It’s because 10 out of 10 times he’ll try to lure me into bed. And well I’m not interested.

The other day he offered to be my wingman. He thinks I should venture out and check out my neighbourhood. Go to bars and restaurants etc.

I replied only if there’s no hanky panky. This was his reply..Of course not there is no hanky panky with your wingman!

I’m not convinced. Mr Boardie thinks he’ll keep on trying to get me into bed. As every time I accept his offer I’m giving him hope.

As for Mr Boardie I’m getting fond of him. I don’t want to lose what we have. It’s tricky because we are neighbours. He lives just around the corner.

Since I’ve just moved in it’s a case of balancing. I have to show him nothing has changed. And nothing has. I didn’t move here to encroach on his space. I’m happy he’s shared his slice of heaven with me.

If it wasn’t for him I’d never consider this place as home.