I guess everyone has an agenda. No matter what they say.

Mr Wingman wanna be has one and he lets me hear it loud and clear. It comes out when he’s drunk and lonely he’ll text me and inappropriate stuff comes out of his mouth.

It’s him letting loose his thoughts. His thoughts are to bed me again and to claim my little pucker.

According to him I’m a shiny fish and he’s only after shiny fish.

As for Mr Boardie I can’t read him. May be I’m too close. I’ve been seeing him for a year now and it’s been nice.

We get on well and we haven’t fought. May be the reason for that is we only see each other once a week and we give as good as we take.

I’ve told him before if he’s grumpy I don’t want to see him. No point. May be that’s why. We haven’t seen each other at our worse.

He’s made it ultra clear that he doesn’t want a relationship. And that if there is one then there must be a commitment that goes with it.

Lately he’s been weird. I’ve commented on someone I’ve met that’s cute. In return he’s been jokingly telling me that he’s ugly.

I told him off saying I don’t do ugly. The other night he said you turn off the light because I’m ugly.

I don’t think of him as ugly? He’s a really nice guy. And his intelligence is what has attracted me to him.

I asked him why the other day? He told me he was only egging me on. Sometimes.

It’s off putting. He doesn’t want a relationship and so I’m a free woman. I can do whatever and that means I can go out with other guys.

Anyhow I’m just not sure what’s going on. I tell him stuff..I don’t hide anything from him.

I’m not ready. I need time.

As for the other guys it’s because I’m bored. Feels like closing that account and be done with it. I don’t know what made me open it again. It’s bad news. It’s like an endless vicious cycle.

May be it’s so I don’t cling to Mr Boardie. May be that’s why. Feeling a bit emotional today.