I’ve been going to too many meetup and not working hard. Nothing is getting done and I feel overwhelmed.

The divorce settlement was supposed to be done end of this month. Application still at the lawyers. Settlement not done. Deed not written up. Not signed. Lease not signed. Financials not done.

The apartment was supposed to be all set up by the end of this month. It’s 5 days late. Wall bed getting installed 5/7. I’ve still got to paint.

My CPDs or continuing professional development for pharmacy was supposed to be done too. I owe 22 points. Only got 18 under my belt. If I scrape together the training done for volunteering then I’ve only got another 16 points to gather by end of September.

I’m hoping to get all those points in by end of this month aka Sunday or latest end of next week 😩

I just feel run down and tired all the time like a battery that can’t recharge properly.

How do one juggle two careers? Multiple Volunteering? Family? Divorce? Keep fit? Dating? And FWB?

I’m stuffed 😩