Mr Walkies sent me this the other day.

I love Fridays as I get to see you 🙂 

I’m looking forward to seeing him too. It’s a nice easy relationship. We go walkies and we cuddle.

Mr Boardie told me to be careful due to his situation.

He reminded me that we used to go walkies earlier in our relationship. I think he wants to go walkies again.

Bob the Builder is pulling away which is what I’m after. Hopefully I don’t have to confront him.

I’ve also figured out why my electricity bill is so high. I’ve been using the dryer and heater. The other culprit is my bathroom/laundry wiring.

Every time I turn on the light the fan comes on. If I forget to turn the light off which I do often the fan stays on for that amount of time.

So if I’m not showering or doing a number 2 I think I’ll use the hall way light to light up the bathroom.

Either that or I’ll get a small clip on light to use in there.

I feel better now. Slowly things are falling into place.