I was talking to a doctor about her under dosing kids. She saw it as a safety issue and well safety comes first.

She told me look all these years no one has complained about it. So pain is controlled 😩 I thanked her for her time and for clarifying it with me. Got to be diplomatic.

It was only towards the end of the day when it clicked. I was telling the nurse in charge about the incident.

She was like don’t worry about it. The surgeon will come by and increase it if need be. It’s his patients.

Which can only mean one thing. The surgeon has been increasing the medication hence no complaints 😩

All I can do is note down the intervention so that it shows I’ve done the right thing.

Then from another doctor I got a script for antibiotic as a TID..three times a day. The one after looked like a QID..four times a day. Looked like aka his writing is really awful that QID looks like a TID with an extra squiggle.

I was like what??? Same procedure thus they always write the same drug and regimen.

So another phone call. The nursing staff all had a look and told me it looks like TID for both cases. I asked them to go ask the doctor.

Half an hour later I had to chase it up again as they didn’t get back to me. It came back as “I always write it as QID”

By then the first patient has gone home 😩 to a country town in the whoop whoop.

We then had to go ring admin to get the phone number to ring them to tell them to take it four times a day and not three times a day.

NB. He did make it clearer on his latter scripts. Not by much though. Just an extra squiggle 😂

The thing is the antibiotics came in a box of 20 so if they take it three times a day it will last 7 days or four times a day 5 days. It doesn’t really matter either way. Some doctors like it three times a day for a longer cover. Others four times a day.

By the end of the day I’ve had it. Wednesdays are just awful. In saying that if nothing was happening I’d be bored out of my brains.