They don’t know. He’s been hiding our break up from everyone.

Today I faced his clients and they knew. They were like something was up and they didn’t know why. It didn’t add up.

Until one asked our neighbour. He let on about us divorcing.

I told her I thought it was him. I’m not fussed. It’s not like we were keeping it a secret forever.

People are not silly or stupid.

Tonight he rang home. He told the kids that he misses them. He then asked who cooked dinner? My boy replied mum. He then asked if they missed his cooking.

I jumped in. You can’t ask them that? As their mum is sitting right here.

Then he pretended the line is bad and he keeps on saying hello hello and then it went dead.

Had to giggle. Okie if you don’t want to talk to me. Or acknowledge that I’m there lol.

It’s sad that our marriage is reduced to this. I’m a bit sad tonight. Emotions a bit raw.