I went on a famil today. It’s when the association organises places for tour guides to go have a look so they in turn knows to show their clients.

The lights. It’s so the turf will grow. Not very environmentally friendly.

This is where the players warm up. Or when they do interviews.

The next room is where they are revved up. Not very comfortable seatings.

Their white board

Coach’s room

We sneaked in to take photos

Where they shower πŸ˜‚

The members area. Let see there are 118,000 members and 242,000 on the waiting list πŸ˜‚ try figuring that one out πŸ˜‚

To be a member you need to be nominated in then it’s 18-20 years to get the first rung of membership. You’d be lucky to be a full member in this life time.

It’s a very prestigious club!!

The view from the long room. Quite a good view since you can see goal posts at both ends and you’re not that high up.

Plus it’s nice and warm. Though you’d miss out on the atmosphere of the footy crowd.

Cricket fans. This one is of Bradman

Americans..the flag depicted in the tapestry was given to us as a thank you by the Americans since they used the MCG for R & R during the war.

Another great piece of art

The light tower is 85m high. To replace the light bulb someone has to climb up a ladder inside the light tower itself. Thus if one bulb is gone they don’t care.

To score a goal you’d need to kick the ball through the two centre poles. A goal is 6 points

When it goes in between the two outer ones it’s 1 point.

My team played really well last week until they keep on scoring ones instead of 6s 😩

So coming from behind trailing by 30 they caught up ..lead by 10 then of course lost in the last few minutes.

I was like what??? 😩