Mr Walkies came by. Let just say I was stretched all over. Mmmmm have missed him the last few weeks.

He’s been trying to get to me for the last few days with no success. Told him he’d better give me more notice and not take me for granted.

I’m a busy woman 😂 on that note I’d better get some more condoms. Extra thin and extra large 😂

My collection needs to go into the bin I think. No use 😂 none of them fits 😂

Foot Note:

Hmmm the ones we used today had a 56mm width. That’s the largest of the non-latex ones.

The latex ones are like 57mm and 60mm now I’m wondering if I should get them. Not a fan of latex.

As for specialty condoms ummmm they only have them in regular sizing.

Mr Walkies is way too big for any of them 😂