Too many dates? Mr OKC wants to see me after work tomorrow. That’s like 3 dates since Friday. Tomorrow is only Wednesday.

Anyhow I’ve said yes. He told me he was willing to travel to make it easier for me. That’s nice of him.

I have a feeling he wants more than just dinner. We talked about sex last night. I found out he’s not kinky. Which is good. He’s only been single for 2 years. That’s also good.

Yesterday when we were eating udon he got up and got both of us water. It’s really nice of him.

I think he’s okie. Little things like checking with me before he rings speaks volume. It means he’s considerate.

Anyhow tomorrow will tell whether this relationship will zoom ahead. Let see how good he is at kissing 😂

Since he’s tall I’ve suggested may be he should sit. That way I can straddle him and kiss him. If I can’t feel any excitement in his pants that’s it. It’s a deal breaker 😂

As for him I think it’s the same. He told me if he can’t feel connection with the kiss then that’s it 😂