What so ever.

Looks like I’m stuck. Oh well Friday is my cooking day anyway. My kids come over on Fridays. Which means market day.

I usually drive half way and then walk the other half. Saves worrying about car parking.

No wandering in the city on Friday then. Thank goodness it’s not Thursday as then I can’t get to Mr OKC.

I’ll have to do my wanderings on Thursday.

Today’s tasks:

Car service 10am in Ringwood. I need to leave here at 8:45am

Study whilst waiting for my car to be serviced at Eastland (Ringwood) .A shopping centre.

Either that or I’ll stay put at the car service place.

Pick up click and collect from Westfield (Doncaster) . Have lunch there.

Pop by Canterbury for secondhand books.

Box Hill for groceries.

Get an account set up at the chemist. Buy whatever I need for my usual medicine cupboard..Ventolin for my boy, toilet paper , tissues, bandaids , Panadol, Nurofen, Claratyne and Zyrtec.

Talk to ex-hubby about proceedings. If I don’t hurry him up nothing gets done.

Cook for the kids.

Drive home and get ready for work on Wednesday.

Map of all my goings today