Today I went and bought a calendar. 2020 is creeping up. I’ve already had to pen in dates.

Last night one of the girls in my group shared. She hasn’t had much luck with life lately.

She’s moved to the big smoke from the country. Her partner left his job and well in the end she kicked him out.

Anyhow she was wondering if she should head back there as it’s too expensive to live here.

I advised her to follow her heart. If she lives somewhere that makes her happy then anything is possible.

She tells me I’ve made her question her past and it’s making sense.

In doing so I’ve looked back and realised how far I’ve come to get where I am today. I have two great jobs. Live in a place others dream of living.

It hasn’t been easy. It’s been damn hard but what the heck. It’s been well worth it.

Last night I went out with Mr Moisturiser. He cracks me up, he moisturises every day 😂

Very good looking, so much so I don’t know if I like him for his looks or for him?

Anyhow we had a drink and a bite in a fancy wine bar.

Not quite sure. He comes across as very knowledgeable. I like his brains. At least he’s got brains and looks.

I think he’s well off. He’s working 3 jobs 😂Anyhow still not sure. He’s attracted and keen. I’m a bit reserved.

May be him being good looking kind of scared me a little. He can have any girls why me?

After the drink I walked him to his car and we kissed. One good thing he’s a great kisser. Needless to say I felt stirrings in me.

Then he drove me home. And that was that. I think both of us wanted more.