I’m at the tram stop waiting for my tram. Off to Richmond for lunch.

This morning we had a long chat. He was trying to make me see he’s more than just a sexual being.

He wrote me this..

Hmmm, i can see your worry…to be perfectly honest, you drove me wild beyond belief yesterday…the latter part of my evening consumed with naughty thoughts. Sex does not consume my thoughts, but i have never had a first date that was so stimulating intellectually and physically at the same time…..the sudden but wonderful transition of our date really piqued my senses…i loved just chatting, wandering, but was deeply attracted when you were so honest, open and frank…it felt exciting and liberating.

I earnestly chase what i strongly desire!

I’m a complex, imperfect, INTP being that is driven to take a chance, and will always be better today than i was the day before….and as i said yesterday, sapiosexual. The lunch convo had me hooked, i find you immensely attractive for the things that make you different….curiousity, natural appearance, frank and honest.

Many times in my life i have had one or the other…the amazing intellectual equality, or the passionate risque deep connection….only my wife and 1 other in my lifetime have been able to give both at the same time. But i felt you possess exactly those qualities….😍

I’m a bit waried. I know I’m lucky to be so sexy. Yet sometimes being sexy is a curse.

I will give him a chance and we will see how we go. Had a great time yesterday wandering marvelling at the beautiful scenery and architecture.