Merry Christmas from far away from the land down under. It’s a beautiful day out.

I’m at home pottering. Mr Engineering has been chatting to me all day. We then made plans for him to come with whatever is in his fridge to my place so we can cook dinner together.

Don’t know how that came about? Spur of the moment thingy. I think if I stay with him it will be like that. Lots of spur of the moment thingy.

Found a poem I wrote a few years back. Can’t seem to remember that I even wrote it? It has to be mine as it’s in my blog 😂

I come to him

Driven with lust

Powered by anticipation

Geared with thirst

I come to him

Free from inhibitions

Wild with desire

Open with trust

I come to him

Bound by my love

Blinded by passion

Dripping with lust