I went walkies to find breakfast. It’s a cyclists haunt. It was mad. I was lucky enough to grab the last table. I was surrounded by cyclists everywhere. Young ones, old ones, fit ones and ones not so fit. Some were eye candies 😂 though none as cute as my Mr Wanderer. Okie I’m bias.

This was classified as a big breakfast. Hidden underneath the bread was a pile of bacon. They brewed a mean coffee.

How cool, a vegie garden. I think you can ask them to harvest for you.

A pretty walk way..no protection from the weather though. It’s really hot at 7:30am.

Even that early lots of people out walking, running or cycling. The kids are in the pool frolicking.
They had different mosaics dotting the path
After dinner I went walkies to hunt for dinner.
And it was still light so it wasn’t too bad a walk. The restaurant I wanted to try was about a 15 minutes walk away.
Cute Japanese place. http://okuman.com.au
They had iPad screens for you to order at your table.
I had rice, tofu, pickles and
Grilled squid. It was yum. I ended up with ice cream at Messina to finish off the night