I started off with buffet breakfast at the hotel. Got slugged $41. Ummm it was more to see how good their breakfast was. Mediocre 😩

Then I packed up checked out and hopped on the train to Central station. Their ticket machine was pretty convenient to use. It calculates how much for the trip and spits you out a paper ticket.

I then went to store my bag at bagbnb for $8 for the day. Must say they were quick and very convenient as it’s just across the road from Central station’s entrance.

And since I had the whole day to spare I went shopping.

They were giving out flowers to promote Married At First Sight, a reality TV show.
A shopping mall
The beautiful stained glass windows
My lunch. Vietnamese food. I thought it was okie until I bit into the pork chop. Instead of the usual lemon grass they had marinated it with 5 spices which was like yuck. The roast pork was quite nice. For $13.50 it’s not bad for food court standard.
Afterwards I did a tour of the city hall. The staircase is of Carrara marble. It’s darkened in some parts due to smokers.
The tiles on the floor. Classical design..
The chandeliers a bit Art Deco? And also the windows. See the scallop design?
The auditorium. They also have tours on when the organ is playing. Would have loved to hear that.

The wall they found..it’s the old wall of the urinals. Ex-servicemen graffitied on it. The guy that drew the face was actually on one of the tours I went on. This is called the lucky wall as all servicemen that graffitied on it survived. They all came back to Australia safe and sound.
I also went up to the clock tower. In an old lift.
The hand operated lift mechanism. Bugger don’t think I took the whole thing.
See the columns up top? That’s where we were. It was very hot.

After the tour I went to grab my luggage and headed to the airport.

And that was my short Brisbane trip. Couldn’t wait to get back to my beloved Melbourne.

Yes our weather sucks badly but the coffee and the yummy food is all worth it.