Woke up to a beautiful sunrise. We ate at Morning Glory and he went back to the room to work and I went to the pharmacy to grab supplies 😂


He had granola and I had a breakkie wrap. It’s the first time I ate without sharing.

The beach..he swam

The sun rise

Our foot steps

My lunch..was pretty crap for Cabramatta standard. I didn’t dare eat the meat!!

I went down to Cabramatta. Mr Wanderer was like are you going there to buy ice? 😂 told him no ..to have lunch.

We were 20 minutes early for the ferry thus we went exploring. The museum of Art has a cafe on 4th floor with a roof top terrace..the views.

From the other angle.

Manly street art

Cute residences..love the windows

Look at this chute? It’s a store room under.

The beach. He swam again. This time I administered ear drops after, as he had trouble with his ears the day before.

We ended up having dinner at Daniel San then headed back to Sydney for drinks at the bar.


He had the salmon and I had the curry. The salmon was yum. The curry was mediocre.

We danced the night away at Frankie’s Pizza and went back to stay at Castlereigh boutique hotel. Tiny room for $148/night.

I don’t have photos so just links 😊