We are shutting down. Not only according to the Federal rule we are shutting down all non-essentials. State schools are closed.

355 cases confirmed in Victoria alone. It’s crazy.

I went walkies. Been feeling a bit down and anxious.

The cafes are still opened but only for take aways. My favourite cafe has packed up their tables and chairs. The wall benches doubled up as a seating area for people waiting for coffees.

I went shopping to buy stuff to occupy me at home.The trams were pretty empty.

Glue for my cards and a cake pan to bake. I also bought racks to rearrange my cupboards. The rest are stuff I couldn’t get from Port.

Mr Wanderer also went shopping. He went to Bunnings this morning to grab all hardware needed for his home improvements.

Not sure what is essential and what is not. Looks like not much.

I wonder how long he can keep on holding up the globe.