He texted me this morning..

I’ve done something really crazy! But good kind of crazy! Call when free.

So I rang him..it turned out he’s gone into hiding. He left last night with his caravan.

And well you guessed it. I got fed up with my little apartment so drove down to join him. Got there around 1pm and I had to leave at 4pm to have dinner with the kids.

A 4 hours round trip.

He was working thus I offered to make lunch. We had salad sandwiches made with iceberg lettuce, tomatoes, cucumber and avocado.

Afterwards he worked and I went walkies.

It was really pretty

I went for a walk

I didn’t get very far when he texted me that the water was boiling. He was making tea for us to have with my banana cupcakes.

He was so naughty. He bent me down on the bench and had his ways with me. Just 15 minutes before his teleconference with his boss 😂

It might be the last time we can move around.

I also found some lucky charms

Gave one to Mr Wanderer. The 4 left are for my 3 kids and me.

Photos he sent me on his walk tonight as I didn’t get very far with my walkies

He made it all the way to the end.