We are now at stage 2

The news last night. The kids are all at home in our state as school holidays started early. The poor mums and dads.

Also so many people have lost their job. It’s awful.

Our totals…with 8 deaths as of 3pm 24/3/20.

I’m off to work today. Not sure if our tea room will be opened?

What about our cafe? No seats as no eating in. Looks like I’ll be packing lunch.

Thank goodness the department is in the basement and there are only 2 of us. Plenty of social distancing.

One good thing since I am part-time it means I don’t see my in charge, the other pharmacist. Thus if one of us goes down the other is still okie to work.

If our tech goes down we’d be stuffed. As there is only one of her.

The supermarket has been kind. On Monday, Wednesday and Friday the elderly have first dibs at stock. On Tuesday and Thursday the health personnels.

I managed to find my card last night with the registration. Then I realised I can just turn up in uniform or take my hospital ID badge with me.

I need tissues and toilet paper. I’m good for food for now.