**Picture from internet

I’ve known Mr Wanderer for nearly 3 months now. We met just after the New Year. Though I’ve chatted to him way before that.

I think he must be yellow inside πŸ˜‚

1/ he eats fish sauce

2/ he eats shrimp paste

3/ he eats his rice like there’s no tomorrow

4/ he eats chè , Viet dessert soup

5/ he eats lots of chilli

6/ he calls me Dora the Explorer since I don’t ever leave home without my back pack

7/ I’ve just thought of a nick name for him. It’s taken me this long πŸ˜‚ For a skinny guy he sure has massive arms πŸ˜‚ You guessed it. I’m going to call him Popeye πŸ˜‚