Our latest figures. New cases have dropped. Social distancing is working.

It’s looking good though can’t be too optimistic. Unlike the northern hemisphere we are entering Winter in another 2 months. It means we haven’t seen the worse of it.

They are calling retired health professionals to come back to work with a temporary registration.

Our gin maker is making hand sanitiser. There’s also a packaging company making masks.

We are getting ready for the onslaught.

The care pack our department got from management.

My job is safe for now. Had a little chat with my in charge. I told her if need be I can stay at home.

She replied no way. You’re not staying at home. It will get busy here once the public cases arrive.

The government has signed an agreement with the private hospitals to free up 1/3 of ICU beds. In the agreement the private sectors has to free up all their PPEs ie masks, gowns etc as well.

It means our jobs are safe.

This was the back track yesterday. Politicians being silly.

Of course there’s going to be an onslaught when they tell people they can’t see their partners/girlfriends.