I was pleasantly surprised when he asked me if I wanted my puncture fixed. I replied yes please.

Thus last night he came over. We had dinner, just left overs and something quick to supplement it.

My private lesson on how to fix a puncture.

Five punctures later Mr Wanderer got a bit frustrated. He was like if I had known there were that many I would have bought a new tube 😂.

Then we watched a movie on Netflix. And off to bed we went.

This morning we headed off for a walk and coffee.

He’s gone home now to work from home.

We are plodding along. He’s been hanging around my place a few days a week. We’ve slipped into a comfortable routine of dinner, bed, breakfast, walkies, coffee and then he leaves for the day to do whatever.

The rules have now tightened. We are still allowed out but only for exercising and essentials. No more gatherings and if out only in groups of 2s.

It’s to allow females going for walks with a companion.


Our curve is flattening fingers crossed.

That was the other day.

Comparisons to other countries at the 20 days mark. Bear in mind we do have a smaller population and we are also more spread out.