Just another day. Mentally I’m not too good. I am forever wandering and to be cooped up inside is doing my head in.

I love eating out and taking away is not the same.

Mr Boardie said he’ll try getting out in between meetings to go to the market with me.

He’s a sweetie. He’s always there for me even though we are just friends now.

As for Popeye I’m mad at him. We were supposed to meet up Wednesday or Thursday and he stood me up.

Waited til 6:30pm last night and asked him if he’s coming around. Well he wasn’t going to. He had work.

Anyhow he’s texted me 3 times since then and I’m not replying. I am going to distance myself from him. He’s not the one.

I can’t trust that he’ll be there when I really need him. I needed him last night.

My dinner last night. It was crap. Better than nothing. The cup had miso soup in it.

My reprieve this morning.

No boating allowed…though kayaking may be? No surfing but swimming may be?

I’m all over this Covid19.

The majority on top are the wealthier suburbs. Is it because they could afford overseas trips and then importing the virus back to us?

A note on one of the restaurants closed.

Managed to find some flour for my girls. They wanted to bake but no flour around. I’ve been searching. No one had any. I was lucky today. Found it in a little food store. Their very last packet.

Sad for the kids. Even the playgrounds are closed. Stage 3 sucks badly.