My son last night. Mum if you fart in front of him and he doesn’t leave he’s a keeper.

I told Popeye..his reply was

“I think you might have already done that”

I was like oopsies he noticed..

“Maybe I need the mask, not just for the coronavirus”

Him trying to be funny.

My oldest told me off for ignoring his texts. She told me it’s rude and that I should communicate better what I want.

Can’t believe my kids are giving me dating advice!!

Yesterday I squeezed in an inspection around the corner for a 2 bedrooms unit.

I’m in two minds whether to upgrade or move inland. If I move inland but still close to the beach I can buy a little unit and not worry about owner’s corp. They just slugged me with a 2K bill 😩

It also means I’ll be closer to the hospital, no tolls hence savings.

The only thing is it will be harder for the kids to come visit. If they take the train they will have to change trains. If they drive it’s a bit closer.

I could always move back to same suburb I was there before. It means I’ll be closer to them. They can walk to visit me. Closer to Popeye as well since he’s only really 10 minutes drive away. It kind of make sense.

Guess I’d better go to the bank on Monday. I need to see how much I can borrow. And get pre-approval on the way.