The days are slipping away. My settlement is all set for tomorrow. Then that’s it.

The Golden Princess the other day getting fuelled up. We are expelling all cruise ships from our waters. It was gone yesterday when I went for a bike ride.

I try to walk or ride every day just to keep sane. Looks like we might have to endure this for 6 months. Winter is coming and will be bleak as.

I’m thankful I still have my job. Popeye was ordered to take leave. He’s got 19 weeks of leave which he’s been saving up for trips. He’s not too happy about it.

I love Port. I don’t think I can move away.

Our numbers (new cases) are still dropping. It’s working. Here is hoping they will leave us alone, let us keep our take aways and cafes opened. And that we are allowed out to exercise and shop. Even if it’s only to get necessities.

Today in the papers the number of new cases has dropped to only a 2% increase. That’s comparing to an increase of 25-30% just a few weeks ago.

We are doing really well.