We’ve been good and only go out for necessities or for exercise.

We rode to Elwood this morning and then stopped at the marina for a coffee and milk shake and then rode home to Port.

Elwood is about 7km away.

His and hers and tubing.

His stuff all over my apartment.

It’s funny he rolls his clothes up in a pile.

Not sure if I’m ready for a full time relationship as yet. It’s nice having him around but I also found I crave my own space.

Slowly I guess..we’ve settled into a routine. We’d get up, have cuddles then he’d go shower and I’d get breakkie ready.

Breakkie is cereal, berries, honey, yoghurt and milk. He has his with bananas as well. I’ll make an instant coffee for me and an English breakfast for him.

Then he’d set up his laptop for teleconferences. And I’ll potter around to do stuff or paperwork.

We might sneak out for coffee and a short walk or if time allows a bike ride.

I’ll sort out lunch then dinner and after dinner we’d put on the TV, have ice cream and watch Netflix or a TV show together.

And that’s our day.

He asked me at work yesterday if I had any plans for dinner? I told him no. It was either take away from Box Hill or Port.

Came home to find he’s gone to buy sushi and rice paper rolls. He told me the 3 boxes of sushi and 4 boxes of rice paper rolls costed $10. He felt sorry for the take away place so he paid them $15.

Luckily I had a salad left so he fried up the sushi and we had some rice paper rolls for entree and sushi fried rice with Kim chi and salad for dinner.

The rest we had for lunch today.

He’s okie. I try to get him involved like if I’m making dinner he’d do the steaks for me. Or like last night he did the sushi.

I’m tired since we kind of watched Netflix to 12:30am last night. We are addicted to the Jack Irish series. It’s an Australian series. The plot is quite good.

He’s since gone to sort out his rental and will come back later. Not sure when is later? Dinner?

As for news my settlement came through yesterday.

Which means I am divorced !!! It’s been a long journey, nearly 2 years later here we are.