Can it be? I miss companionship. I miss just face to face interaction. This lock down is hard.

Yesterday I went back to cook for the kids. I got take away for lunch. Was a bit worried that if I got caught I’d be in trouble as I’m a fair way away from my place.

But it is care giving. I’m fulfilling my role as a parent. It’s hard.

I got back to tell my youngest that there’s lunch. She’s such a grumpy bum. I must have woke her up from her nap.

In the end she agreed to go on a walk with me to grab groceries. When asked what she wanted to eat she told me casserole or curry.

So I cooked casserole. I did tell her I didn’t feel like cooking and if she wanted that particular casserole she might have to fry the tofu for me.

Her reply was I don’t want it that much. Kids..

Mr Wanderer or Popeye has been very quiet.

This is what I get..

So I wrote the end he phoned me when I was in the shower. I rang him back 3 times for it to ring out.

The first one was a dud as he was in the shower too. The second and third wasn’t though it’s because he told me in his message that he should only take 5 minutes in the shower.

I know him too well. Popeye takes his time in the shower. 5 minutes is just too short. I gave him 15-20 minutes. Still it wasn’t enough as he had a shave as well.

My last call to him I left a message to say look..someone is either still showering or have nodded off. I’m off to bed. Talk to you later.

He rang back after a few minutes. We had a good chat. He told me he loves making things at the farm as it’s a challenge. I told him yeh. You’re like a challenge to me.

That man frustrates me so bad. Don’t know why I bother? May be because I’m smitten.

Off to work I traffic means I can go 15 minutes later and still get there at the same time.