Today I went out.

The beach looks the same as usual.

I went to grab a Viet bread roll for lunch. Bought cold meat to have with dinner.

On the tram back I stopped in the city to buy a charging cord for my phone as the other cord died.

Bought some KFC snack. Was craving fried food.

Hopped back on the tram..hopped off near Bunnings to go buy tarp to cover the bikes, little ties thingy and a few screw drivers.

Then I walked back stopping in Coles for milk, fruits and eggs as I wanted to bake.

The kids are coming tomorrow for dinner. So I needed to stock up on fruits and snacks.

I get to see them twice a week. Tuesdays I drive to their place to cook dinner as it’s a school day.

Fridays they come to me. Part of the divorce agreement. Well it’s the two days that works since we are quite flexible.

Anyhow feels much better today. I struggle badly with this staying at home business.

It’s near 5pm now. I hate the days. It feels so so very long.

Mr Wanderer rang last night. We talked. He was like you change your mind all the time..this was with regard to me selling my unit or not.

I replied well at least I haven’t changed my mind about you? Told him Mr Boardie told me I have to be patient with him.

He was like once this is over I’m going to have a beer with him.

Would love for the two of them to meet. Mr Boardie is very good at reading people.

Mr Wanderer was like I’m not very good with relationships as I’ve never been married. Told him I’m not too good at communicating either. Last night I texted him.

“I like it when you ring..much better than texting. Iā€™m off to bed. Sweet dreams šŸ˜˜šŸ˜˜”

Two duds together? Will be interesting to see how it all pans out.