I walked to the tram stop today via the beach.

It was a magnificent day. The sun was out..blue skies.

Then I caught the tram into the city to grab some KFC. Then caught tram to Casino stop and walked along the river back.

Not many people around.

A sea gull stole my drumstick as I was looking at my map to work out how to get back to Port. Looking back at the city.

The marina. Costs about 200K a year to moor boats there.

Sent this one to Mr Wanderer.

I didn’t find anything I needed in Bunnings so walked to Coles to do groceries. Was looking for a 400mm by 400mm tile to go on top of my little cupboard so when I BBQ it’s nice and clean. They only sell them in boxes.

Might need to go to a tile shop to buy a sample tile.

Very sleepy but staying up as people are coming to pick up items I’m selling or giving away.

So far: sold a trolley, storage boxes, bench, padlock. Gave away a sink, garden hose. Only 3 more items to go. Then will look for more items to sell. It’s fun. Extra money comes in handy.

May be I should listen to my patient years ago. He thought I’d be good at retail. As I probably could sell ice to an Eskimo.

As for Mr Wanderer have found my way into his man cave. He said if I’m good he’ll let me into his shed.

It was easy. I bribed him with massages, dinners, baked goodies, BJs, cuddles.

He’s a serious hoarder. He’s got stuff at his house, at his rentals and from the sound of it at his parents place as well 😂

Kind of missed him. Guess absence makes the heart grows fonder.