Today? Where did it go?

1/ watched Netflix..Faith,Hope and Love a chick flick..

2/ took my flute out. Gosh I sounded so bad 😂 haven’t touched it for near a decade? So after a few songs I packed it away. Better put my neighbours out of their misery.

3/ ate leftovers for lunch.

4/ took stuff down to my storage

5/ filled out the return form for my wall bed. Apparently they will refund minus the shipping fees.

6/ took down two of the temporary hooks from my bathroom door as they looked awful.

7/ went groceries shopping for supply. Cleaning stuff was short so every time I go I keep an eye out and anything that comes into stock I buy 2 to last me til next time.

8/ didn’t go for a walk today as the weather was really bad. Too windy to go to the beach unless I wanted a sandblasting facial and I didn’t.

9/ mum sent me a text telling me our family friend has just passed away. They came on the same boat as us. He’s the same age as me and studied to be a priest. Something about a blood clot. Mum wrote in Vietnamese and my Viet is not too great when it comes to medical terms.

I might ring her after dinner to ask her.

10/ I haven’t gotten to the stage where I have to turn the heater on as yet. It is cold. I’m in my bed socks and it’s still cold. So I’ve gone under the throw rug.

11/ I told the kids off for not downloading the app so today I did it. It asked for my name , my mobile number and my postcode or area code. One catch Bluetooth has to be on for it to work.

I think we’ve got over 3 million people on the app now. Just need 7 more, 7 million more that is.

12/ cleaned my bedroom window.

I think that’s it. I’m going to go cook some rice to go with my lamb cutlets. At least dinner is organised. Tomorrow I’ll have the casserole left overs for breakfast/lunch.