Can’t sleep..

Mr Wanderer and me. It was late so I rang him. Got his voicemail so I rang again and left a message.

Then he rang me to tell me that he’s been grinding and had better take a shower as there’s only one shower and his friend is not back from the paddock as yet.

He’s cutting sheets of steel and welding them to the frame.

We talked then he was like he can’t hear the tractor so he’d better check on his friend.

Then he called me back to say good night as his friend was coming back in.

So it took us 5 calls today to talk to each other.

Can’t believe tomorrow is Monday. He’s aiming to come back on Wednesday though I doubt it. I’m not holding my breath.

On the home front I need to fix this.

Something like this would work. I’ve checked they come in black and nickel as well.

I could easily superglue it to the underside. Then it would act as a handle to open the cabinet’s door.

I’m annoyed at myself for chipping the mirror in the first place.

The pull costs $44 including shipping which is expensive. Guess still cheaper than getting my mirror fixed.