My novels came from Booktopia.

I cleaned up my living area. Brought my rack in and gave it a once over. My clothes are not drying on the lines as it’s getting colder.

My make shift laundromat inside my room.

I decided to head into the city. Wasn’t going to tell Mr Wanderer about the KFC but he guessed it 😂

I got the ultimate box. Don’t let the photo deceive you. The burger was tiny..the fillet wasn’t even poking out and was thin as.

The chicken piece was small as well!! I never drink the soft drink saving it for the kids when they come over. Plus it means I’m being good less calories 😂

I walked back to use up some of the calories 😂

Only to pig out on a mini danish 😂 okie so I was bad..but at least I drank hot water and not my usual cuppa with one sugar.

I wonder if they will fine us? Too good to be true?

I sent him a message today..saw a cyclist going past and made me miss his butt 😍

Can’t wait until he’s back..