I couldn’t let him go so I asked for forgiveness and now we are back together again. Silly stupid me. I’m in too deep.

He didn’t have a good day either. He told me he didn’t sleep well and I broke his heart. He also fell down rushing to get to a teleconference and bumped his knee on the side of the caravan.

Yesterday was a better day. I got about $100 credit for my tolls for April. They are trying to help. It’s a three months good will thingy for front line professionals as well as people in need. Feels special that we are thought of.

I also went to wash my car. $4 later it’s clean! I’ve figured a way now. $1 for a high pressure rinse. Then $1 for the soap brush and then $2 for another rinse to get the soap off.

My COVID-19 test came back negative. Since I’m out and about a lot it means there’s a slim chance that anyone can catch the virus. It’s more about social distancing. I mostly walk and not in a shared place for that long.

One of the kinder mums sent this meme. Very appropriate. I went looking for hair thinning scissors and they were sold out.

My oldest got me flowers. It’s really nice of her.

My one pot wonder. 5 spice chicken.

Yes they grew them in a paper bag. One of my daughter’s clients gave her home grown one awhile back and she never did anything with them.

If you’re wondering why I took him’s because no one is perfect. And he’s got more good points than bad.

I missed him horribly. And well he was trying..and even if he’s not the right fit for me I’m willing to give him a chance to grow to be my right fit.