Three more days to go.

I rode in today to pick up my parcel. It came in a box. Usually they are happy to get rid of it for me, not so this time.

Since I had to stay home tomorrow so the courier people can collect my wall bed mechanism I decided to head to the city for more KFC then on to Richmond to buy take away for dinner.

Some idiot proceeded to sit next to me on the tram so I gave him a dirty look and he left. How stupid can you be? I tested negative and I’d like it to remain that way.

Mr Wanderer is coming back this weekend. He’s already told his farmer friend to which his friend replied he hasn’t finished sowing.

He said he missed me too much. His friend asked him didn’t I dump him? Mr Wanderer told him yes but I relented.

Not sure what time to expect him though as he’s got to drive from Horsham to Bendigo to sort out his rental.

Then will drive back to Melbourne from there. I might not see him til Sunday night.

I reckon he had no inclination to come back early. It has nothing to do with me whether or not I was important to him. It’s more to do with COVID-19.

He was worried he’s going to catch it as he’s got heart block. Also he deemed me a high risk as I worked at the hospital. So that’s what he did. He went and hid in Horsham.

He kind of hinted before all this happened when they started locking down. I should have known.