Lots of people out and about on the promenade.

How appropriate..a big fat bat.

I didn’t get much done today. I spent most of the day on a wild goose chase to get my spare bike lock key duplicated.

Well after 3 locksmiths and 3 key cutting places no luck.

The last place told me apparently they import the locks complete with keys but they don’t import the templates/blanks thus no one can cut the keys.

So there goes a waste of a day.

My lunch. Pastries are for tonight as the kids are coming over. I don’t usually have juice but my last juice bottle was missing a lid. It’s a nice size bottle for when I go walkies. It fits in my jacket’s pocket.

The kids came over. Dinner was ramen and fried chicken. It was too much food so gave them the left overs.

Next week I think I’ll cook. Going out costs too much money. Plus not particularly healthy.

I managed to buy two DVDs and so we watched My Spy after dinner. A bit lame but it was okie.

The other one I’ll save to watch with Mr Wanderer though I’ll have to go to JB Hifi to buy a connector so the HDMI cord will fit into my old laptop.