He came back last night. I kept on looking at him. His hair has gone much greyer. So many grey hair.

He had scratches all over him. His ribs still bothering him. So was his knee.

On inspection his hands were all grubby and dirty. He’s also got an infected finger.

His pants practically falling off him. Mid dinner he went to weigh himself. He’s lost 2.5kg.

He looked worse for wear. If I had come across him on the street I’d think he was a druggie or a homeless man.

I couldn’t believe how much he’s changed over 5 weeks.

So I fed him and gave him cuddles. I’m glad he made it back in one piece.

Today we went for a walk to catch the sunset. We over did it I think as his knee was bothering him just before we headed back.

Poor thing. Not sure when I’ll see him next. Just being with him brings me so much joy.