We spent yesterday together and then he went off to his sister’s for dinner. I was a bit disappointed that he didn’t stay.

I do understand though as he hasn’t seen her for awhile.

He told me he bought chocolates for his niece for Easter and didn’t drop them off as he’s spent all week with me before he left for the farm.

Didn’t think I was going to see him today. Just talked to him. Since I can’t stay at his place he’s driving to my place later to stay overnight. He’s forgotten I have the kids on Tuesdays.

Then when I head to work tomorrow he’ll either stay or head to his rental to do some work on it and we will meet up for dinner.

I don’t know where we are going..or where we are heading. For now I’m just going along for the ride.

One of my fishies is missing. I think the birds got to it. So rescued the one that’s left inside in a new home, a big vase.

I’m so glad I exchanged the bag. The little one can hold quite a bit. It’s a 30L one. Managed to fit all of his clothes in it.

I’m off soon for lunch. Will cart my steamed buns and lemon slice home for the kids to eat.

I made the buns yesterday for lunch.

And the lemon slice on Sunday.

They are yum with a topping of passion fruit. I’m bringing them to the kids’ today so we can have it for dessert. Will bring some back for Mr Wanderer. As I didn’t have time to slice them up before.

They kind of melted a bit being out of the fridge.