I thought I was seeing things? I was sure I only had one fish the other day?

It turned out when I was at work on Wednesday he went to get me a fish to keep mine company.

I came home to breakfast dishes washed. He’d also made the bed, took out the rubbish and did groceries. And I saw he’s done a few loads of washing and have hung them out in my room.

I’m going to miss him when he’s gone. He’s off to the farm again tomorrow. Was hoping he wasn’t going to go until Sunday.

Was really upset when he told me, so as a compromise he’s coming back tonight after the kids are gone. Then we are going to go do something together in the morning before he heads off to the farm.

He told me it’s only for another week. I very much doubt it.

Kind of accused him that he only came back for sex. He replied no because then I’d have stayed another week and then come back for good. Why would I waste 7 hours of driving? 3.5 hours to get here and 3.5 hours back?

One good thing he’s put on a kilo of weight. I’ve fed him well. He’s looking more like himself now and not like the homeless guy that walked through my door on Sunday.

I’m in too deep..