Or ignorance? Sheep that’s what Mr Boardie calls them.

Yes we’ve been lucky our numbers are low. It doesn’t mean with relaxation of the rules that the virus has magically disappeared.

Anyhow was really annoyed today. I went out to buy a little tank for my fishies. To be mobbed by people everywhere. It was so bad I gave up going to the market. Was tired of dodging people. So went home.

My little tank. Bought it from Kmart for $29. It’s 20L which I think is sufficient for 2 Goldies.

Mr Wanderer rang before. We talked. He reckons in a few days I might be able to join him in Horsham. We will see. I’m missing him already.

He tells me he misses me too.

He left yesterday morning..we got up had breakkie then went to Bunnings. Was hoping we could squeeze in a walk before he left on his long drive. The weather was crap. Cold and wet. So that plan went out the window.

After he left I took off into the city to return the gloves. It didn’t fit the kids properly. I ended up having lunch with my cousin and helping her put together her flat pack that’s been sitting outside on her balcony all year.

She also told me I’ve been paying too much tax. Looks like I’ll be getting a few grand worth of tax back.

I’ll try to get my tax sorted and send it in as soon as this financial year is over. That way I’ll get my refund sooner than later.

One good thing about the tax department. They send refunds pretty quick.

Just heard from my daughter, my ex MIL is dying. Don’t think she will make it past today. With the borders closed, to fly out my ex needs an exemption granted which takes at least 2 days and then flights? Guess it’s too late.

I feel bad for him that he can’t be there to say good bye. I texted him my condolences . As for me? No love lost between us.

The devil inside me would say good riddance. My angel is happy for her as it’s no fun having a stroke and bed bound for the last two months.