Euroa was where we stopped for a pie and pee stop. The cafes where we wanted to have lunch were closed so we made a beeline for the bakery (Mawson’s Bakery Cafe).

Then we parked near a shed to eat

And since the sun was shining ..kind of ..we sat out the back. I supplemented our pies with fruits and a cuppa. It was freezing cold.

The shed was on private land. Our pee stop was just there. Hidden from public view by the Ute. I’m getting better at squatting πŸ˜‚

The river.

This is part of the museum which was closed due to COVID

The memorial. It’s a pretty little town about two hours drive from Melbourne on the way to Sydney.

Ned Kelly. Was a bit disappointed as the buildings weren’t original. The bricks were.

Behind this building is where you’ll find the loo πŸ˜‚

An old building..they’ve replaced the original door with a glass door. Looks horrible.

Loved this house. A Queen Anne style.

Euroa is a really nice stop. The train from Melbourne stops right in the Main Street of town.

There’s also a caravan park next to the river if you want to camp.

Hopefully next time we visit the shops will be open.