We are going backwards. 77 cases today. It’s awful. I feel for the 10 postcodes going back to Stage 3. Especially the businesses that might not make it to the other side.

The thing is they’ve locked down suburbs with high numbers but not locking down suburbs that sits in the middle of it all.

I mean how silly?

They are going full on with policing. Apparently 1000+ policemen are out today running postcode control 24/24. There are about 300K of people living in those postcodes.

Any main roads are manned and cars are stopped. No fines so far.

They’ve also used cameras to capture number plates to work out where people come from.

People have been smart but not smart enough. VicRoads have caught on that people have gone on the internet and updating their addresses on their drivers 😂

Anyhow it’s coming at a bad time as the kids have just started their school holidays. Parents writing in saying how kids seeing their friends out and about and yet they are stuck inside. There’s been many tears.

I’m glad I don’t have young kids. My kids have been very responsible. They haven’t really been out. I think they are more responsible than me.

Today I went out to stock up on groceries. The supermarket caught on pretty early this time around and restrictions went in pretty quick.

So yes there’s still toilet paper but no more bacon, ham, cheese and fruit juice? What the?

Mr Wanderer just rang. He’s not sure if he can drop by tonight. I told him it’s okie. See how he feels I’m not fussed either way.

He’s not sure if he’ll go to Bendigo tonight or early tomorrow morning.

He’s like ..it would be nice to see you. To think we only saw each other this morning? He’s cute like that.

I did figure though that he loves Port. He loves my apartment too. He tells me it’s a great apartment. What he means is that my apartment is near the beach and it’s organised. Not like his house where things are flying everywhere.

His ex-girlfriend was wrong. It’s not that he doesn’t need someone. It’s him not letting people help him.