This was our last stop before heading back to Melbourne.

Beautiful church where he dropped me off for my wanderings. He had to head the other way for lunch.

Just on their main strip.

Tocumwal is just over the border on the NSW side. Part of Tocumwal is on the Victoria side.

How beautiful is this? If you look on the other side you’d see sand! Except the ocean is very far away.

See the blue dot? That’s where I am. Tocumwal is to the North East of Melbourne. It’s about a 3 hours drive away. Give or take.

I spent most of the afternoon wandering along the river. It’s quite nice. There were stops where you can read about the different birds that’s in the area.

The thing is if you’re not careful you end up crossing the border 😂

Found a whole bunch of kangaroos. Kind of got a bit spooked as they are tall when they stand up and well a bit intimidating.

I didn’t realised by then I was on private land. I’d missed the sign on the way in.

Another mural.

The Big Murray Cod. A tourist attraction. Well not really.

It was a nice afternoon walk. On the way back to Melbourne we were blinded by thick fog. I mean it was only about 5pm? It was ridiculous.

He was very cautious as you couldn’t see very far. Visibility was pretty much NIL. By the time you see a car approaching it was too late.

He opted for another road turning left instead of right. It was the safer of the two. We were besides ourselves as we thought we’d never get home.

We got home 8:10pm. Which was decent considering we went very slow through the fog. We started around 4:45pm.