Might get what you asked for. That’s what Mr Boardie told me.

Bumped into him today so we walked to the market to catch up and exercise.

I texted Mr Wanderer last night to tell him I’m heading off to bed! He was like stay up! I’ll call shortly , mum and dad are leaving soon.

Yes his shortly could be anything from 5 minutes to hours! So I gave him 15-20 minutes whilst I caught up on my reading on WordPress and then I dozed off. He rang 10 minutes later.

He’s rang me twice today already to check in. Looks like he won’t be back til tomorrow night. Depends on the weather. If it’s bad he’ll head back early as he can’t work on his rentals.

As for me I’m enjoying my quiet time. Dinner organised. I’m defrosting my lamb cutlets. To have with left over rice and some blanched vegies.

I’m still sorting out my apartment.

The rack from Ikea just fitted at the end of my dining table 😍 it houses my breakfast stuff and teas and whatever else.

My kitchen cupboards are fully stuffed πŸ˜‚ and yet I still buy. I love kitchenware πŸ˜‚