He’s made a fool out of himself. The other states had the army and police to guard the hotels and we had untrained security guards!

So then there are claims of the guards sleeping with the people in quarantine. Accompanying them on shopping trips. Driving Uber/taxi on the side when they can’t go to work because they’ve tested positive for COVID.

And now? We are paying for it. We had 108 new cases today up from 66 yesterday 😩

So now more postcodes are in lock down with 9 towers of public housing or housing commission as they are called here in total lock down.

It means there are 1 policeman per 6 residents keeping an eye on them. All doors are guarded. They are to be in lock down for 5 days whilst they carried out more tests. Every resident is to be tested. And well there are around 3000 of them.

Since they can’t go to work or out to grab groceries the government will be bringing it in.

It’s beyond a joke now. Hopefully we get a new premier with the next election 😩