Or not to mask? We don’t have a choice anymore. We had another 484 new cases today. And from midnight tonight a mask or face covering whilst outside your home is compulsory.

No need to go buy a mask though as the premier specified that it can be a mask or a scarf etc.

I won’t be wearing one of these though 😂

I found a bag labelled with my name when I went into work yesterday. It was my care package. 10 masks , hand sanitiser and some jelly beans.

It’s nice of work to think of us. Doesn’t cost much but it means a lot. I shared half with Mr Wanderer.

Our procedure is that we wear our mask home then pop it on again to enter the hospital the next day and then issued with a new one when we arrive at our department.

Also everyone is to have their hospital ID readily on hand just in case we are pulled over by the police on the way to and from work.

It will be interesting tomorrow. The loop hole is that if you are drinking coffee or eating you can have your mask off.

The other exception to the rule is if you are doing strenuous exercises like running or biking you don’t have to wear it but has to have it on you. If not it’s 200 buckaroos into the state’s coffers.

You don’t have to wear a mask if you have a doctor’s letter saying you can’t wear one due to your condition etc.

Mr Wanderer has gone home. It’s nice having him around but I do like my own personal space too.

The poor thing has been having dizzy spells and generally feeling off. Luckily he managed to grab an appointment with the ENT specialist for tomorrow’s morning. Someone cancelled.

I guess I’m not that safe after all. Went into work to find a COVID positive case last week. It meant because of that one patient, 18 staff had to go into isolation.

So an email came from the top down saying patients can only be admitted for surgery if they are negative for COVID.

It’s a good rule as it protects us the healthcare workers.