I haven’t managed much lately. My tax return was good. Last quarter I only had to pay $500 instead of 6K.

Somehow they found some refund that was never refunded to me and me overpaying meant I had a small bill to pay.

The accountant fee though was like near $700 😩 all tax deductible so all good.

Feeling a bit bluey and not wanting to go out. All I seem to do is sleep, eat , sleep, eat, watch TV and that’s it.

The furniture people have gotten back to me. I’ve asked him to amend it bringing the TV shelf to the other side and 100mm higher. Then the stereo to go on top of the TV. That way there’s enough height between the bottom shelves to be functional.

This is going to be my room divider. I’m popping it between my dining and living area.

This custom made one is going to be solid timber, stringy bark or messmate. It’s costing me an arm and a leg but since I’ve got a huge tax refund it’s all good.

I’ve also started to look for a rental property or beach house. Found this one which was quite cheap? Might be a project for me to work on? If I have the guts to buy it?


I’ve also contacted a law firm. Time to get my will sorted. I’ve been meaning to get it done and well with the divorce it kind of got forgotten.

Mr Wanderer has done his and that was what prompted me to get mine done. For a guy he is organised.

I’m off to see him later. He’s been getting dizzy spells. The specialist didn’t think it’s his ears. So have sent him to have a brain scan. Just in case. He did knock his head when the sheep jumped on him a few months back.

He’s feeling quite down. He did a few bike rides two weeks ago and afterwards his knee played up. Then all this ringing in the ear and dizziness meant he’s in bed most days and falling behind with his work.

I’m frustrated! I seem to see him when he’s tired or unwell. Not at his best. He did thank me for looking after him whilst he was dizzy.

This morning he phoned me to tell me he’s dizzy again. I’m feeling a tad insecure that he’s always dizzy when he sees me. He was better on Wednesday when he left me! He left in such a hurry we didn’t even go for walkies. Though we did it twice horizontally.

Not sure what to think some days.