He came last night for dinner and stayed the night. This morning we did the act and then had a leisurely morning having our cereal and I started on my apple berries crumble before we went for a walk.

It’s been a long time since we walked together. He wasn’t feeling crash hot today but we needed the fresh air. Also I needed apples and berries and jam for my dessert. Plus he wanted to propagate the pig faces.

We tried all the nurseries and no one had them except one which was in a hotspot. They charged a delivery fee unless you buy $300 worth.

Found them growing wildly on a nature strip at the end of the street so we took my sécateur and took quite a few clippings. Apparently you need to dry them out before planting them. Here is hoping they work.

After lunch we had our nap and well when he got up he said sorry don’t feel manly today aka he doesn’t feel well enough for the “act”

As for my sink he tried to fix it before he left and well the hoses were too small and too short. Now I’m without a vanity so tonight I brushed my teeth in the laundry trough.

Tomorrow I’ll order the wall unit. Also might engage a handyman to make a feature wall for me.

As for COVID I’m shocked at how people behave. One lady tried ramming me with her trolley whilst I was choosing my apples in Coles. Then she told Mr Wanderer off for standing there talking on the phone. I mean he was waiting for me?

We both had our masks on? We weren’t doing anything wrong? So what if I was handling my fruits ? They were mostly bruised? I’m not paying for bruised fruits?

What a bitch!! She was abusive! Mr Wanderer was really upset so we quickly left the supermarket. COVID certainly brings out the worse in people.

It kind of rattled me because it’s the first time it has happened here. I love Port and have always felt at home.